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And what I hope my daughter can learn from it.

Photo by Taisiia Shestopal on Unsplash

Back in 2007, they released one of the biggest bestsellers of modern times — Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Fans had been waiting years for this last book of the series. Pre-ordering options had been available for several weeks. On the day of the release, people had camped outside the bookstores the prior night, and still copies ran out. Everyone wanted to be early in the race to read the ultimate book before others could. Of course, it smashed all publishing records in history and was an instant bestseller.

Flashback to my personal life in that year.

When this…

Grief | Relationships

We are fighting a losing battle, and this time there are no takeaways.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Unsplash

I lost a friend to Covid today. Saying it came as a shock would probably be an understatement. He was barely in his early thirties, full of life, funny, charming. And now he is gone — leaving behind his wife and a three-year-old.

We met close to a decade back when he joined the organization I was working for then. It was such a long time ago, but as they say, it seems like yesterday. It really does.

We worked together for about 3 years. A small group of former colleagues turned into lifelong friends. I remember the way he…


Keep calm and distract your mind

Photo by Sharon Pittaway on Unsplash

The cloud without a silver lining

As of 25 May 2021, there are 168 million reported cases of Covid-19 around the world. I say reported since at this point there are countless people who are still waiting for test results (like several of my extended family) or infected but asymptomatic without being aware. So the real number could likely be much worse.

Unfortunately, each day as the number of Covid cases is shooting up, so are our blood pressures. Every news channel, text, office meeting, and family catchup centers on Covid. The focal point of every conversation is the pandemic. Dinner table conversations are about how…

Women Empowerment | Self Improvement

Yes, it really doesn't take much!

Diversity of Women (Picture Courtesy Freepik)

Movies and sitcoms have glorified the notion that women do not know what they want. On countless occasions, they are shown as confused, irrational, overly jealous, and as damsels-in-distress. No surprise then that the romantic hero chases hell and earth trying to figure out what the woman wants. And typically it ends with the hero doing varying versions of the boombox-serenade-under-the-window to make undying proclamations of love. However, while this one-time proclamation is a mood booster, it underplays the fact that there are deeper, more meaningful things that women would appreciate.

And somehow this…

Self Improvement | Personal Development

Yeah, sometimes profound thoughts hit you in the face while watching cartoons with the pre-schooler!

Peppa Pig Family jumping up and down in muddy puddles (by Guardian)

Peppa Pig, CoCoMelon, WishenPoof — the list goes on. Unless you are a parent who has been living under a rock these past few years, then you would most likely know these extended members of your family pretty well.

You would know that the highlight of your kids’ day might be when they get to meet these friends on the screen. And you probably might have ordered birthday cakes themed in the shapes of these characters as well.

It is also not unlikely then that you might have inadvertently been pulled into sitting with your little one to watch an…

Relationships | Parenting

And I learned it the hard way!

Image by martin-dm on GettyImages

It was two days before Christmas — 6.10 am to be precise when my phone rang. I could barely open my eyes and was surprised to hear my phone ring that early.

What happened next was something I had not even remotely expected!

Words That Changed My Identity

My parents had been on a Christmas vacation with my sister and her family that year. For the last couple of days, they had been staying at a small beach town.

And before they had all left for the vacation, I had taken my parents out for lunch — just the three of us. …

From the lens of someone who attended webinars (a lot!) in this pandemic year.

Fatigue from time spent online attending virtual meetings and events (Source: Freepik)

In case you organized any virtual event in this pandemic year, then you might recall the dread in your heart on seeing attendee count dropping in the middle of the session. And if you have been on the other side with device-in-hand attending virtual events, then you might definitely recall the ones that made you sleepy or pushed you to multitask.

Is it really that hard to design virtual events that make the participants want to stay focused till the end? Let us find out.

The greatest (and perhaps only) blessing this pandemic has given us is — opening up…

You may be entry level or mid career — but you can still find your Ikigai.

While you might think that you may not be able to make a career in the environment sector without a formal degree — that’s not entirely true. I often spend time talking about this and hence decided to put together an Intro 101 for folks who found their calling to work in the sector, but may or may not have specialized environment degrees.

What kind of roles can I expect if I want to work in the environment sector? Do I need to have a specific degree or technical training? …

Lessons from co-creating the Covid-19 strategy for one of the largest non-profits in India

‘The toughest choice to make is between safety and service in these times of crisis’ — CEO of one of the largest non-profit organisations in India said while rolling out their COVID-19 response strategy.

Non-profits specifically working in the development sector are witnessing a deep impact of COVID-19. On one hand, these non-profits are trying to support communities that are struggling with access to resources, health services and sustenance. …

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